Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mrs. Vandross Healing from Apparent TIA

Our prayers and sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Mrs. Mary Ida Vandross (y'all know who SHE is!) who's rehabbing from an apparent mini-stroke in Philly. While she's still hospitalized, she reports feeling a little stronger every day and thanks all of us for keeping her strength in our thoughts. She's anxious to go home and begin a 3-day a week routine (her off days from dialysis and weekends) which she hopes will keep her physically where she needs to be. Even though she's not a diabetic, she lost 3 children and a grandchild to complications of diabetes and knows the importance of minimizing those risk factors. WE'RE PULLING FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL STRENGTH TO GET OUTTA THERE AND BACK HOME WHERE YOU CAN BEGIN TAKING THE BEST CARE OF YOUR SPIRITUAL TEMPLE! WE LOVE YOU MOM!

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